The project is developed as part of my masters thesis project at UAL Creative Computing Institute (CCI), conceptualized and developed over six months. These months have been exceptionally exhausting, yet extremely rewarding. The objective of this project has always been to show the human side of computing systems, and with the amount of heart and labour it needed from me - I believe the goals have been met, at least for myself. This project wouldn’t have taken shape without the constant encouragement and support from my supervisor Dr. Winnie Soon, my course leader Dr. Hunter Brueggemann, and all the people that surround me, who patiently listened to me rant about my anxieties and achievements.

This page is an incomplete list of acknowledgements to all the people who have knowingly or unknowingly contributed a great deal to this project.

Winnie Soon, Hunter Brueggemann, Janani Venkateswaran, Agnes Cameron, Amiya Raina, Kavya Chowdhry, Antonia Valencia, April Chu, Avika Proud, Cala Del Río Alemparte, Joe Hoole, Ileana Park, Ilya Pavlov, Signe Ai Jing and all the other people whose support and encouragement has been invaluable. I am extremely grateful to have you in my life.

This project is also heavily inspired by the esolang community and projects, especially Daniel Temkin’s, the esolangs wiki, Jon Corbett’s Cree, Urban Müller’s brainfuck, Katherine Yang’s Coem, Karl Hasselström and Jon Åslund’s Shakespeare.

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